Intermediate: Padme – unfolding being

As mentioned before, mantra is about “protecting the mind.” Man comes from the manas = mind (as in sentient-intelligent nature), and tra = to protect. Manas and tra are Sanskrit words. The type of protection is not so much an armament or form of armor but is instead a cultivated habit of positivity and reality. In this way, one plummets less and less into personalization, drama, and denser responses to life. In essence, mantra and affirmation remind one of the wider and truer qualities of life and of inner being such that one retrains oneself to default to these qualities as well as to Awareness-Being rather than to a personal ego, a habit of contraction, or of fear, anger, pride, and such.

bigstock-Lotus-Flower-49877429This meditation works with Padme (or pema) which translates as lotus. As with OM and Mani, so much could be said. And, from the masters of meditation, so much has been written and given orally. We touch into the padme and begin to unfold and awaken to more of its meaning (from within ourselves).


Downloadable: Inter: padme = Being unfolding

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