Philosophy: the touch stone of humanity. Join me!

Philosophy is a touch-stone for humanity. We touch into the heart of truths, as well as the core of who and what we are individually and collectively. There we find inspiration. Philosophy need not be considered old or stodgy, overly intellectual, or irrelevant to one’s day. Instead, when philosophy is explored for the light that … More Philosophy: the touch stone of humanity. Join me!


How is humanity flawlessly and consistently moved further along the path of human evolution? Starting next Tuesday, Spirit Fire and Donna Mitchell-Moniak will take an in-depth, and out-of-the-box, look at humanity’s path. We will  look into the past as well as contemporarily in order to understand our collective planetary trajectory forward. Four modules within this online series of classes … More THE STAGES OF AWAKENING SERIES

Online course: Vibrational Excellence

Where were you Dec. 21, 2012? We were dancing at Spirit Fire – celebrating the old and trusting the emergence of the new. The new IS emerging but, at essence, it is the Ageless that is coming forward – as wisdom principles and from within humanity. The excellence that is vibrating within each and every … More Online course: Vibrational Excellence