Online course: Vibrational Excellence

Where were you Dec. 21, 2012?

We were dancing at Spirit Fire – celebrating the old and trusting the emergence of the new. The new IS emerging but, at essence, it is the Ageless that is coming forward – as wisdom principles and from within humanity. The excellence that is vibrating within each and every one of us has always been there/here. As it emerges, it always feels brand new – and we do too.

kramer VEWednesday, May 27, my new four-week online course begins. Its focus is understanding yourself as vibration and how to live from a more full range of your excellence as a human being.

Vibration? Yes. Vibration is the source of multiple disciplines such as:

  • energy healing: Reiki, healing touch, sound or crystal healing, and visualization to assist in one’s healing
  • meditation and the benefits of meditation.

Vibration is at the heart of states such as patience, composure, calmness, or harmony. Vibration is also palpable in irritation, impatience, anger, and criticism.

The Age of Aquarius is setting the tone of wave, vibration, energy, and the shared connectivity of all existence. The paradigm of separate and disconnected is fast fading. Join me for this four-session (four week) online course to get to know yourself as a being of vibration and energy. All sessions are webcasted if you cannot be at a live session. Participate at your convenience. Register at Spirit Fire.

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