Intermediate: States of meditation

And advancing practice of meditation requires more of the practitioner but also bears appropriate results. If the preliminary practices are understood and ingrained in the meditator, then the habits of meditation begin to take over and lead to a ripening of meditative states. The states, themselves, will depend on what aspects of meditation have come … More Intermediate: States of meditation

Intermediate: Living as a Wheel of Radiance

With the Intermediate practice, we work with energy, inside and all around us, in a variety of ways. Some include: the energy of gratitude, wonder, and gladness. These lead to the experience of less personalization, less drama, less stress, and more appreciation for people, events, and circumstances in our life. These are perfect in the … More Intermediate: Living as a Wheel of Radiance

14a: Living from awareness

Hundreds of books have been written on meditation, some from great masters of the art and science of it. Meditation thrives in a variety of spiritual and secular systems and, though variety abounds in styles and techniques of meditation, the essential components are the same in all systems. This is because those particular factors of … More 14a: Living from awareness

13c: A field of sacred energy and light

We are energy beings and our life streams are shared with all beings and with Earth herself. Our auric fields have a fundamental flow to them that is like the Earth’s. There are lesser flows within the human fields, just as there are to the Earth, however, this replication is significant. It is one of … More 13c: A field of sacred energy and light

Theotokos and the divine light within

At this time of the year, we meditate with Theotokos. She represents the divine mother who births, nurtures, and protects the essential divinity within all people. Yes, in a classical Greek Orthodox Christian tradition, she is the Mother of Christ and the Queen of Heaven. But, if the symbolism is understood – like that of … More Theotokos and the divine light within

Common Presence

The divine feminine principle is the principle of substantiality: matter. As we hold ourselves accountable for this principle, we hold ourselves responsible for and in the joy of bringing forward the greatest light. Substantiality and matter have one purpose: to express the highest potential, the greatest vibration, the livingness of Awareness itself. We are all … More Common Presence

13a: Interior Dimensionality: toroidal flow

Our insides create our outsides. In other words, the condition of our inner well-being will create our outer life. If one’s inner anatomy and mindset are in turmoil, cluttered, or out of balance, then one’s life will be the same. Yet, as we cultivate simplicity, rhythm, and the assent of our spiritual nature, our outer … More 13a: Interior Dimensionality: toroidal flow

The light of avatars

Humanity has been blessed by a number of avatars through its history. Each spiritual tradition holds the stories of blessed ones coming, teaching, and then leaving the physical form with the promise to be present nonetheless. Most of the world’s traditions speak of the blessed one birthing into human existence. With some, it is a … More The light of avatars

12c: Jewel-like radiance

Each of the seven centers (chakras) along the central channel has an tremendous untapped potential. We live our chakras every day, but rarely from their refined vibrational capacity. Fulfilling appetites and distractions are a primary way that the sacral center is lived. The sense of person-ness occupies the solar plexus; and manipulating time and facts … More 12c: Jewel-like radiance

12b: Excellence from within

After establishing ourselves in the ground of Being, we breathe up along the Central Channel and the seven primary centers (chakras). If, as a practitioner, we are non-distracted in our openness and focus, then an excellence from within will suffuse the sitting. The simplicity of this technique belies the full range of meditation states that … More 12b: Excellence from within

Intermediate: Guidance: from the shining star, or the heart, or the voice of the divine

Animals are guided by the sun, stars, moon, the Milky Way galaxy, as well as lei lines and topography. Plants are directed to grow by the sun and its cycles. And, we human beings are guided too. We are guided by angels, intuition, by prayer and contemplation, by signs and omens, and by our hearts … More Intermediate: Guidance: from the shining star, or the heart, or the voice of the divine

Solstice: the spiral journey of the light within

Today, girls is process wearing crowns and halos of candles. They will also walk carrying a single lighted candle representing the inner light. The candle represents that darkness is destroyed by light of even a small candle. The innocent youth that carries the candle represents a greater strength than might; it is the strength of … More Solstice: the spiral journey of the light within

Generative: Emptiness

We train in meditation. Like any other skill, meditation takes time, effort, diligence, and aspiration in order for the potential results of such time, effort, and aspiration  come forward. Eventually, those results do come forward, flawlessly. And, they can because the results were already in the practitioner. One day someone watched a small river roll … More Generative: Emptiness

12a. Fullness

Last week, we breathed down through the middle of us, through the heart center, down to the root center and the ground of Being.  With practice, that process can foster a sense of stature within oneself: a feeling of being bright, open, and confident meditatively and in life situations. Once at the root center (the … More 12a. Fullness

Heroes of the Heart: an intermediate meditation

The world’s spiritual traditions have produced many spiritual myths and allegories. They all have the purpose of orienting humanity to the mythic and grand qualities within. The stories have common themes, such as a journey and a quest, challenges or dangers along the way, as well as the transformation of the characters precisely because of … More Heroes of the Heart: an intermediate meditation

December Full Moon meditation

To quote the introductory presentation: Sagittarius reminds us that we have lived in many countries, have been the conquered and the violent conqueror, have taken in strangers, helped others, and given sanctuary to those in need. This full moon, let us expand into the heights of Sagittarius by expressing its Earth. The esoteric Earth rulership … More December Full Moon meditation

A mythic journey of trust – an Intermediate meditation

Each year during the holiday season, we take up the mythic story of the journey of Mary and Joseph going up to Bethlehem and the birth of the Christ-child. We do so for the human and spiritual symbolism represented by every character and feature of this tale. I was brought up Catholic, enjoyed it very … More A mythic journey of trust – an Intermediate meditation

10c: Lighted Presence

Vipassana means pure perception or penetrating insight or clear perception. When one lives from the natural light of awareness, one is living vipassana. In other words, with the light of awareness functioning, perception no longer is based on outer appearances or sensations, on beliefs or preferences. One perceives the essence and energy of an event, … More 10c: Lighted Presence

10b. Vipassana = pure perception

Meditation brings forward the excellence that is within a person. Each method or technique targets a quality or aptitude innate to a human being, then invites it into expression. The first eight steps of The Practice of Living Awareness incrementally give a practitioner all that is needed to establish the meditative state of shamatha. Shamatha … More 10b. Vipassana = pure perception

Intermediate: Mani Stones

Imagine carving a mantra onto a stone: the care, time, patience, strength, and dedication that it would take. Now imagine carving many stone with the same mantra. Each being done while repeating the mantra prayerfully, intentionally. Then imagine painting each letter with a particular color because doing so and the color carried energy and meaning. … More Intermediate: Mani Stones

10a: A natural state of being

Two great teachers of the art and science of meditation have been Buddha Shakyamuni and Patanjali. They provided methods that elucidate the natural state of luminous being while -at the same time- entraining one to this truer freer state. Their methods mirror each other. As such, there is not much difference between the techniques given … More 10a: A natural state of being

9c. Empty

A third quality of mind-awareness is empty: void, unpopulated, thus unaffected and smooth. This quality is just as natural as is the exacting or expanding qualities. The smooth continuous nature of awareness is present and can be experienced as one learns to leave awareness un-interrupted, unpopulated. It’s not easy to speak or write of such … More 9c. Empty

9b. Openness

Creative thinking, contemplation, appreciation, and inspiration are by-products of the expansive or open quality of mind. This is the second quality that we are engaging this week with Step 9 of the Entry practice. We recall that the human mind includes all thinking, emoting, sensing and sensation. In general, these are related to the exacting … More 9b. Openness

Generative: Remedy (Medicine Buddha)

There’s remedies for the ails of one’s body, antidotes for troublesome emotions, and ways to diffuse negative thoughts. Doubts can be addressed, anxiety retrained, and pride dissolved. Medicine Buddha represents each level of dealing with “problems” and also symbolizes that there are “cures” for all forms of disharmony. In one sense, however, alignment is one … More Generative: Remedy (Medicine Buddha)

8b: Poise on and off the cushion

Exploration is a direct experience of something or somewhere. To explore Venice, one goes to Venice. To explore different spices, one uses them in cooking. To explore meditation, one experiments with meditation. In this sitting, we explore the qualities of poise that are experienced in our emotions, mind, and body during the sitting. Experiencing them … More 8b: Poise on and off the cushion

Inter: Padme – the seed and all its manifestations

Padme means lotus, but it’s not that simple. The seed that eventually manifests as a blossoming lotus first produces roots, then a stem, then leaves, a bud, then blossom, pistils, stamen, and then seed again. All these manifestations are within the seed of lotus just as the diverse expressions of compassion and wisdom are within … More Inter: Padme – the seed and all its manifestations

Intermediate: Padme – unfolding being

As mentioned before, mantra is about “protecting the mind.” Man comes from the manas = mind (as in sentient-intelligent nature), and tra = to protect. Manas and tra are Sanskrit words. The type of protection is not so much an armament or form of armor but is instead a cultivated habit of positivity and reality. … More Intermediate: Padme – unfolding being

8a. the Body-Mind-Spirit

Human beings are a complex, a collection of energies. We have a physical dimensionality, a robust emotion-mind set of factors, as well as an essence or spiritual, higher nature. Meditation is interested in the integration of these parts along with yoga, tai chi, chi gong, aikido, and other practices that seek to unite our components. … More 8a. the Body-Mind-Spirit

Generative: Bliss and Emptiness

The energy of a person sends out rays, lines of connective radiance. The connection is multi-fold as well as internal and external. The points of connectivity and lines of energy create a matrix, a design that is one’s life. The energy of compassion impels beings to goodness, harmony, and trust. As we live these, we … More Generative: Bliss and Emptiness

7c. Shamatha: Inner peace and harmony

The importance of shamatha cannot be understated in regards to one’s meditation practice or one’s life. On the cushion or off, shamatha is the capacity of a human being to abide in a state of calm, serenity, or composure, tranquility, equipoise, or steadfastness such that distractions are non-effective to pull one away from stability and … More 7c. Shamatha: Inner peace and harmony

7b. Serenity

Tranquility. People and animals love it. Tranquility expresses in many ways, in a variety of forms: serenity, peace, ease, composure, patience, flow, and tranquility itself. Within tranquility is the feeling of integral and integrity. When we are with another person sharing harmony, ease, peace, and serenity, there is a feeling that each person is integral … More 7b. Serenity

Intermediate: Creator-Creation: OM

Mantra used in spiritual practice has many layers of meaning, significance, and purpose. This is quite effective, in that each person will be met with the amount of meaning, purpose, and understanding that he or she can use, make sense of, and integrate into his or her life. That will, in time, flawlessly open up … More Intermediate: Creator-Creation: OM

Service: Unity – One world, one shared life

Sudan is poised to create a genocide. Refugees from several wars or famines of the world have nowhere to go but can’t stay where they are. The US has elected a wild-card for its president and the Brits have chosen to exit the EU. Wisdom asks “does self-serving ever really serve one’s self?” Aren’t we … More Service: Unity – One world, one shared life