Generative: See through and perceive truly

Generative meditation requires a shift of mind and perception. The practice of such a shift in meditation fosters the equal shift in one’s common daily life. In this way, the habit of a dualistic mind and self-identifying with a limited sense of self are slowly eroded and transformed. Greater Reality dawns including the reality that … More Generative: See through and perceive truly

Intermediate: Levitation=Expanding the Ground

In order to levitate, one has to recognize the ground of space; one has to realize that the ground that one walks on and the ground-state of Awareness are the same. In other words, with the expansion of one’s perception of reality, the various levels of subtle and energetic states become just as tangible and … More Intermediate: Levitation=Expanding the Ground

Intermediate: How do we choose our reality?

For me, this image says it all.   As the Entry practice is experiencing three aptitudes of mind and emotions, the Intermediate practice will explore how those three abilities or natural tendencies of awareness-mind are operational through one’s day. The three qualities are: exacting-contracting, expanding-opening, and to be naturally empty-void like the sky. The image … More Intermediate: How do we choose our reality?

Intermediate: the wetness of water

The Intermediate practice is examining inseparability, and that one is inseparable from the reality that one creates. There is tremendous empowerment in living with the understanding of inseparability forefront. But, what is inseparability? An example will help the mind wrap around it. For instance, wetness is inseparable from water. Water, in a liquid state, is … More Intermediate: the wetness of water

Mahamudra 1

Mahamudra is a Sanskrit word. Maha means great – as in universal, limitless, beyond comprehension and conceptualization. Mudra has several layers of meaning. First is the common mean: a posture or movement with a part of the body, such as hands. The reason for the mudra, however, is not often understood. The mudra is a … More Mahamudra 1

Using duality: the textures of distraction and of awareness

This is the fifth instruction and meditation in the Intermediate level of training for this round. The focus of this round is to learn to use duality. We live in duality; or at least our minds, senses, perceptions, and society tell us that we do. Physics reports that life is multi-dimensional, and meditators of the … More Using duality: the textures of distraction and of awareness

Mother of Awareness

“Understand that everyone has been one’s mother.” Instructed by this phrase, we meditate on reincarnation, and that each lifetime has required a birth, a woman, and a mother. Up until modernization and its toll on well-being (increased stress), mother has been the symbol of dutiful, patient, and loving presence. Meditating on everyone having been our … More Mother of Awareness