Intermediate: Levitation=Expanding the Ground

child-monk-levitatingIn order to levitate, one has to recognize the ground of space; one has to realize that the ground that one walks on and the ground-state of Awareness are the same. In other words, with the expansion of one’s perception of reality, the various levels of subtle and energetic states become just as tangible and stable as is the ground that one walks on, then the range of Awareness as the expanded ground of Awareness will provide flight.

One might ask how practical is such a pursuit? I would suggest that it could be one of the most useful thus practical skills that a human being can learn. To expand one’s range of reality through expanding and including a greater range of inner states of consciousness will give rise to meaning, purpose, and peace of mind. This occurs through greater understanding, wider perspectives, and a genuine care for others. One cultivates meditation usually with the intention to better one’s self but, because the heart is the true mind, the benefits of meditation benefit everyone. In fact, energetically, they benefit life on Earth.

This Intermediate meditation is a training that acknowledges the use of a vertical model, such as rising up into the Soul level, or the buddhic, or such constructs. Training in the deeper aspects of meditation has various sub-sets or emphases. Each is important to accomplish on one level, sustain it, then expand and refine it. Then, like fine ingredients for a recipe, these refined capacities are then combined specifically to engender specific results in Awareness-Consciousness and livingness.

Whether one consider levitation a metaphor for rising above such and such, or as an actual ability that can be brought forward by an earnest practitioner, levitation requires the expansion of one’s ground. With that expanded range of emotions, mental possibilities, and uses of physical energy one can flow with the vicissitudes of the day and uplift the people in it.

  • This podcast begins with almost 8 minutes of “teaching”, which is followed by 20 minutes or so of vibrationally refined instructed meditation. It is mostly silent, allowing the practitioners to experience the “teaching.”


Downloadable: Intermediate: Expanding the range

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