Samantabhadra/dri: Inseparable

Like wetness and water, countless things are inseparable. And, among the many “things” and “states of being” that Samantabhadra and Samantabhadri represent, they-as-ONE represent inseparability itself. What is inseparability? Well, again, consider wetness and water. Consider sunlight and brightness. Consider emotions and the sense of self. These are inseparable. We can speak about or experience … More Samantabhadra/dri: Inseparable

Generative: Samantabhadra

Steadfast and perceptive, you or I will achieve our goals: meditatively, personally, creatively (blue being). Achieving will require skillful and thoughtful activity just as it requires patience and clear-mindedness. Meditation is the same. Tibetan imagery is layered with meaning, but the deeper meanings require that the preliminary understandings be recognized within oneself. Engage Samantabhadra/dri with … More Generative: Samantabhadra

Meditation Instruction through Imagery 5 (final)

The Practice of Living Awareness trains its practitioners in the two skills of shamatha and vipassana. – Tranquility is invited with a Smile and a long, slow, deep breath (shamatha). – Tip of the Nose is the first step toward unwavering steadfastness in meditation. For the beginner practitioner, putting the attention on the tip of … More Meditation Instruction through Imagery 5 (final)

Meditation Instruction through Imagery: 4

Meditation, regardless of level or style, requires the combination of only two skills: abiding in tranquility and the ability to correctly push or penetrate to a new state of meditation, then to establish tranquility and abide again. Each level of refinement is an emptying with an increase of translucence and radiance,* and a stability that … More Meditation Instruction through Imagery: 4

Meditation Instruction through Imagery: 3

The nakedness of both of Samantabhadra/Samantabhadri represents the nature of Mind stripped of conceptions and mental habits. Mind is not our mind anymore than the air is our air. This is discovered as the meditator, through a mindfulness practice, experiences how fully one’s thoughts and feelings are permeated by self-story. We experience that our thinking … More Meditation Instruction through Imagery: 3

Meditation instruction through imagery: 2

Samantabhadri (female/feminine energy) represents the responsive nature of Mind. This means that she represents all manner of responses from coarse reactiveness to cravings and desire, to the response of empathy and compassion, to pure Awareness as omnipresent clear omniscience. Mind, then, is to be understood as the ground from which response or reaction spring. The … More Meditation instruction through imagery: 2

Meditation instruction through imagery: 1

Tibetan thangkas are one form of world mystical art that convey layers of teaching. The image before us is Samantabhadra. It represents two beings or two qualities that ultimately are inseparable. The image of Samantabhadra/dri is simple: a generic unadorned male buddha blue-black in color meditating with a sinewy white female buddha arising. Proportionally she … More Meditation instruction through imagery: 1