Samantabhadra/dri: Inseparable

Samantabhadra-Samantabhadri yab yum (vector)Like wetness and water, countless things are inseparable. And, among the many “things” and “states of being” that Samantabhadra and Samantabhadri represent, they-as-ONE represent inseparability itself.

What is inseparability? Well, again, consider wetness and water. Consider sunlight and brightness. Consider emotions and the sense of self. These are inseparable. We can speak about or experience the quality of wetness, of brightness, or of the sense of self; and it is true that:

  • many things can be wet and not be water (sweat, oil, blood),
  • many things can be bright and not be sunlight (a working flashlight, the demeanor of a happy person, a creative spark),
  • and many things can be the projections of self, thus reflect or re-ify the sense of self,
  • but there is only one sunlight, only one water, and only one sense of self.

The point is that inseparability is pervasive, maybe far more than we recognize or have acknowledged. Samantabhadra/dri remind us of this. Therefore, to generate Samantabhadra is to generate Samantabhadri, and vice versa. To generate inseparability is to realize compassion As wisdom, wisdom As compassion, clarity As virtue, virtue as the brilliance of living, and more.


Downloadable podcast: Samantabhadra/dri

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