Brightness revealed.

  The very fact that you can always offer a smile, to yourself or to someone else, celebrates a fundamental freedom that we all possess: the freedom to choose how to respond to a situation. It’s your life. It’s your experience. Choose to express the brightness of your being with a smile. Happy meditating.   … More Brightness revealed.

Step 1: Smile

  There is much to smile about. This introduction to the first step of The Practice of Living Awareness will make that clear! We discuss it’s placement within the practice, it’s esoteric significance, and the science behind the good vibrations that a smile provides. It’ll get you set up for this week’s meditations. Enjoy!   … More Step 1: Smile

1c: Benevolence

“Smile as the great benevolent being that you are. Smile, blessing everyone and everything in your day.” (from the meditation) To remind oneself of the truth of who and what one is sets the moment right. No moment is about impatience, harsh words, degrading thoughts or actions toward someone, or punitive thoughts about oneself. No … More 1c: Benevolence

1b: Transformative

A smile changes everything, meditation does too. Meditation has the potential to change a person from the inside out – but only if the person desires such change. Truth is that meditation will bring results into one’s life, but only if one cultivates the principles of meditation. And, of course, this would be so. Like … More 1b: Transformative