4b. The master teachers within

Within us principles are expressing. Learning to notice them, to come inside to experience them, makes those principles available to our consciousness. The lungs, like the breath, provide opportunity to notice such principles. One principle is opening requires a softening, a yielding. Examples of this abound. The softening of a bud allows the new leaf … More 4b. The master teachers within

4a. Master teachers, a master teaching

Our lungs offer us profound teachings all through the day. Rhythm and flow are two but this week we will engage another: soften, open, and receive. The lungs must soften in order to open, they must open in order to receive the breath of life that will keep us alive for another half a minute. … More 4a. Master teachers, a master teaching


Each moment can be an instant of the profound. Breath leads us to that experience. All that’s required is presence to the moment and then a softening and opening. Voila! What we might discover is spoken of in this guided meditation. This meditation is step 4b.   Downloadable podcast: Profound

Step 04: Open to Softness

Life is beautiful and joyful and at the same time it can be  challenging.  To be fully present and open to the beauty of each moment, we must first soften and open to receive the full experience of the breath, the full experience of life. Meditation Podcast: Open to Softness Meditation Webcast: Open to Softness