4a. Master teachers, a master teaching

startpagina9Our lungs offer us profound teachings all through the day. Rhythm and flow are two but this week we will engage another: soften, open, and receive.

The lungs must soften in order to open, they must open in order to receive the breath of life that will keep us alive for another half a minute. Over and over again, the lungs teach us to soften and open and that in so doing, more of life and living can be experienced.

Feel the truth of it through your day.

  • feeling impatient? Soften and open. Patience will replace impatience.
  • feeling overwhelmed? Soften and open. Your body and mind are probably asking you to slow down and simply breathe. Take a moment and do so.
  • feeling angry? Soften and open to the reason that anger is arising. It is probably because you care about something, or something is important to you and you are frustrated.
  • feeling sad? Soften and open to the truth of feeling sad. It’s alright, you probably have good reason.
  • feeling joyous? Soften and open into joy. It will then pour out to others.


Downloadable podcast: 4a: Soften and open

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