Rest in Light

Light composes and pervades all that is, from the stars to the very cells of our bodies. It carries information, and nudges our potential. Light nourishes and sustains us, body and soul. Sunlight stimulates vitamin D production in the body which supports our physiology. A sunny day like a sunny smile can bring peace and … More Rest in Light

Whispers on the Wind

Still, alert, quiet, beautiful – all of these qualities can be found in nature.  Sometimes the silence can be almost deafening.  The air may quickly change from stillness to a gentle fluttering heard through the leaves, to the howling, tree-bending gusts of a storm.  Generally, we don’t hear the movement of air until it hits … More Whispers on the Wind

Spirit Fire Radio: living The Practice in real life

Each week, Tim Darter and Steve Kramer engage an interesting guest on vibrant subjects such as Autism, food and health, living mindfully in a modern world, and creative expression through music. Yet, at the same time, each person’s life expression exemplifies a Step in The Practice of Living Awareness! Check it out: live every Wednesday … More Spirit Fire Radio: living The Practice in real life