Whispers on the Wind


Still, alert, quiet, beautiful – all of these qualities can be found in nature.  Sometimes the silence can be almost deafening.  The air may quickly change from stillness to a gentle fluttering heard through the leaves, to the howling, tree-bending gusts of a storm.  Generally, we don’t hear the movement of air until it hits resistance, creating sound.

“Telltales” are strings tied to sails to keep the sailors informed about the direction of the wind. One must take notice of the telltales and the flapping sails. The sounds of the wind, the sounds of resistance, help us to correct or align with our charted course. What is the wind whispering to you? Is it saying slow down?  Pay attention?  Or run wildly with the wind and fly?  Listen to the telltales, the whispers on the wind!

Downloadable Podcast:  Whispers on the Wind

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