Follow Your Nose

We experience the outside world with our senses; we hear it, touch it, see it, taste it, smell it. They help us navigate the terrain of our time spent “doing.” Meditation allows us to give our sensory organs a rest from their usual roles… the eyes catch a break from judging proportion and tracking movement; … More Follow Your Nose

Taking It All In

The essence of this week’s theme, Tip of the Nose, is captured in the photo above. This child is still, focused, captivated, and fully present. Perhaps the outer environment is crowded and hectic; needless to say, the plane is moving 600 mph… but no worries because from his perspective, there’s nothing to do but receive … More Taking It All In

The Meeting Place

 We meet here again to meditate. Perhaps you have settled into a specific location that has become your “meet-up with my mind” place—a space that allows for quiet reflection. Meeting places can be quite specific. This week we are going to explore another very specific meeting place: the tip of the nose. Beyond being a … More The Meeting Place