Galactic Luminosity

Energy follows thought; this is a fact. Scans of a brain that is processing thoughts of a dramatic event show that its response is the same as if the dramatic event where real; that is, if it were happening in the physical world. What if the dramatic event the brain was processing was you holding … More Galactic Luminosity

The Luminous Experience

What are the characteristics of a luminous experience? Perhaps a sense of unity. This could be experienced internally, as in undifferentiated awareness or unitary consciousness, that might blend with a sense of external unity, or being at one with your surrounding environment. There may be feelings of infinite time or limitless space; perhaps a reverence … More The Luminous Experience

All is Light

As we go-with-the-flow of the experience of breathing, we feel lighter. On an inhale, there is the subtle sensation of being lifted up. Aspiration, after-all, means to rise up and it is derived from the Latin word, spirare, which means to breathe. Each breath displays the radiance of the present moment; the details and the … More All is Light