The Space To Be Gentle

The sittings at the beginning of any particular round of the Practice of Living Awareness support making oneself available to meditation… or better yet, making oneself available to being meditative. Last week’s meditations on the theme, Smile, offered a welcome of sorts. This week’s meditations offer the opportunity to land your attention, create some stability, and … More The Space To Be Gentle

The Perch

NEWS OF THE DAY: We’re snowed in and without power in the Green Mountains of Vermont. The silence is luxurious, but there’s no means to record a meditation for today. I’ve pulled one from the archives. Enjoy! There’s so much to take in as we are perched. Today’s meditation takes us to the perch where … More The Perch


We are on the 2nd week of the practice. We’re happy you’ve returned here and we’re hoping it feels like a really comfortable space. “Tip of the Nose” is the theme of the week. It is a lovely spot to return to as well, and it’s a natural place to rest your attention. Returning balance. … More Returning