Wide Awake – That’s the Point!

Sleepless night? Wide awake because the light in your head keeps you awake? Don’t lay there wishing the light would go away. Get up and meditate!

Think about it. How silly is that to wish the light to go away? Isn’t that what we long for: the light?  And don’t worry about being tired tomorrow. The truth is you won’t be if tomorrow is lived with the same light of heart and mind that is flowing through those awake luminous nights. Awake-aware in the day, awake-aware at night, this is the current call to humanity. Be awake now. Be Awake Now. BE AWAKE NOW! Awaken from the sleep of ignorance and the nightmare of separatism. Awaken from the dream.

Get up, meditate. Sustain the light of mind in its pure state. Hold the heart’s light present and luminous, then it will be readily accessible in actions, words, and thoughts during the day.

Good night. See you in meditation!

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