Mahamudra Meditations 1 and 2

The Practice of Living Awareness synthesizes Raja and Agni Yoga and tantric techniques in the nowness of humanity and its evolution. As a result, it is effective. It is effective also because it is a step by step graded method of meditation, just as the methods of the East have been.

Sometimes, Intermediate level meditations are posted because those who are practiced in meditation might find them useful and effective, and those learning to meditate will experience benefit while realizing that more training makes the more advanced practices possible.

The two meditations below are Mahamudra meditations, which is to say that they are techniques that “one day maybe today” open the mind to its innate nature of radiance-no-thingness which is the dynamic fabric of awareness-existence itself.

Structure is Space Meditation 1:

The Fabric of Awareness-Mind Meditation 2:

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