World Service: Our Mother, in so many ways

waterdrops_iii_by_dangorkaLook around you. Most likely, there is beauty around you in some form.

  • the sky
  • the greenery
  • flowers (even if called weeds by some people)
  • the color of food and spices
  • animals and animal sounds
  • the feeling of the wind or breeze and the dance of the trees to it.

There is also the flow of seasons, rivers, and tides. Each of these brings the experience of harmony, rhythm, and flow. We are often mesmerized by these qualities. Similarly, as we sit around a camp fire or gaze into the starry night sky, we are transfixed with awe or peace.

Mother Gaia is our mother. We are born from her as is everything with which we share existence. Breath, bones, blood, and food come from her. Water, beauty, rhythm, and stability also do. Each Sunday, we contemplate Mother Earth and experience Her presence. Join us!


Downloadable podcast: Service: Our Mother in so many ways

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