A reboot?

I have always found that meditation is like a reboot for my mind and emotions. Do you experience that?

I had a couple of days of sorrow over the world – close at hand, far away, as well as the world of thoughts and preconceptions that each human being has, and that nations and national identities foster. I prayed, did mantra, read dharma, and contemplated my state of emotions and mind. My training is to not seek distraction or avoidance but to engage the feeling or state of being.

cody-william-smith-7Like looking in a mirror, I realized that seeing the world as other, the problems and crises  as outside of myself, and the suffering as unchanging because efforts for goodness seem inadequate to counter the harmfulness and disrespect in the world (all done by human being to other human beings or forms of life) would not change my sorrow. Only in accepting the immature and imperfect in myself as that which creates the sense of other could I work with that duality. Then I meditated.

Holding my troubled state of mind-emotions together and on par with the troubled states of pride and arrogance, of envy and entitlement, of attachment and avoidance all of them neutralized. My mind and emotions could reboot. I could start my optimism and intention for a harmless and respect-full life again, knowing that all goodness matters.

Hope you are meditating for yourself and its effect in the world. See you next Round.



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