Balanced Alignment

Energy follows thought; it’s a fact. What is the quality of the energy that your thoughts are producing? A few minutes into any meditation sitting should reveal a lot.  Words are simply thoughts sheathed in sound. What kind of energy are your words producing? What is the quality of your dialogue? Watch your words without … More Balanced Alignment

Subtle Presence

Where does your body exist within space? That may depend upon what you mean by your “body.” Proprioception is the spacial awareness of your physical body. Are you aware of your emotional body? Does it extend beyond the container of your skin? What is the reach of your mental body? Has anyone ever read your … More Subtle Presence

Blending Asanas

As we blend the body, breath, and mind through gentle guidance, we can create altitude and poise. This supports every aspect of our being. Proper physical asana allows the body to be comfortable for your time in meditation. Yet, asana is not limited to the physical body. Proper emotional asana generates equanimity. Proper mental asana … More Blending Asanas