Experiencing More

To inspire another person is to fill them with the desire to be creative, to be expansive, or to experience more. When we are inspired, we naturally become receptive. The word “inspire” is derived from the Latin  word inspirare meaning, ‘to breathe or blow into.’ in (into) + spirare (breathe) = inspirare: to excite, to inflame; to put life into the human body. This is the act … More Experiencing More

The Art of Allowing

We are constantly receiving. During waking hours, our sensory perceptions are constantly translating our experiences. At the same time, we are choosing where to land our awareness and what to allow in. Softening to an experience and allowing it to linger in the field of awareness takes practice. It’s an essential skill that meditation can … More The Art of Allowing

Present and Receptive

 You receive a new breath every few seconds. Great insights lay within this natural occurrence—you need only to make yourself fully available it. Softening and opening to the breath makes one receptive to the meditative experience.  As this practice begins to permeate your awareness, you begin to sense whether you are rigid or soft, resistant … More Present and Receptive