Release Into Freedom

We live in a material word. We hold things. In the wintertime, we hold snowballs. In the springtime, we hold wildflower bouquets. In the summertime, we hold beach towels. In autumn, we hold caramel apples. Snowballs get thrown. Bouquets go in vases. Beach towels get hung to dry. In other words, we move on from … More Release Into Freedom

Releasing Separateness

We are born tender. We are taught to harden. It is only through softening to each moment, opening to one another, and receiving the uniqueness of our individual expression that we will rid the world of separateness. We exist within a greater consciousness that expresses so pristinely though the diversity of life on planet Earth. … More Releasing Separateness

Soften, Open, Release

We flow into this week’s practice by generating some reverence for the experience of release. Release requires softening and opening as well – our lungs prove this every time we breathe. Softening, opening, responding, allowing, adjusting, accepting, freeing—all incorporate aspects of Week 4 (receive) & Week 5 (release).  Release makes flow possible by creating space for … More Soften, Open, Release