The Knowing

The cloud knows when to release the raindrop. It is not a thinking kind of knowing, it is a being kind of knowing. It releases into the law of gravity. Water molecules condensed to form droplets, they collected to form a cloud. When the cloud becomes too heavy, the droplets fall as rain. The cloud … More The Knowing

Peering Into Silence

 As we soften to our true nature, we find opulence and the natural capacity to embody it. What supports this warm luxurious glow? Silence—comfort with and in silence. Enjoy. Soften, Open, Release Meditation – Day 2

Magical Release

We got release-happy and published this last week by mistake… here it is again, right on time! Getting to know your mind and your breath a bit better through meditation? We hope so. They offer us a lot. Paying attention to the breath inevitably leads us to the lungs… those masters of receiving and releasing. Your … More Magical Release