Whispers on the Wind

Still, alert, quiet, beautiful – all of these qualities can be found in nature.  Sometimes the silence can be almost deafening.  The air may quickly change from stillness to a gentle fluttering heard through the leaves, to the howling, tree-bending gusts of a storm.  Generally, we don’t hear the movement of air until it hits … More Whispers on the Wind

Breathing Meditation

    I’ve discovered that our breathing will mirror our psychology and we can turn the tables and affect our psychology with our breath. By allowing our breathing to relax and deepen we can relax and deepen our thoughts and feelings because these three aspects of us are forever linked: emotions, body and mind.   … More Breathing Meditation

Entry: Soften, Open, Receive – Day 1

Step 4 of the Entry Level practice brings awareness to three powerful choices: softening, opening, and receiving. We begin with the breath. Though we receive  oxygen on every inhale… all day and all night, consciously or unconsciously, becoming intimate with this occurrence  creates powerful shifts toward being fully present in the moment. “We soften so as … More Entry: Soften, Open, Receive – Day 1