Breathe and Notice

  A simple breath – it is so easy and goes unnoticed for most. Bringing awareness to the breath energizes and creates space. Take a long slow deep breath, and an even longer, slower exhale, and notice.  Notice how your body feels.  Notice how your system slows down.  Notice the space that is created, the … More Breathe and Notice


  This picture was taken on a mild winter day.  The wind was blowing across the pond as rays of sunshine were streaming through the clouds.  It was fascinating to observe that as the sun was melting the ice, the wind was moving the water, causing waves to move in and through the ice. Sun, … More Change-ability

Google Yourself and Meditate for Updates

  Carol Martin’s Breathe Series – Meditation #14  We live in an age of information don’t we? We have so much information coming and going sometimes its hard to remember we also have bodies and feelings. In meditation the information you receive can be helpful in understanding many things because it comes from the intuitive, … More Google Yourself and Meditate for Updates

Meditation is for Healing

  Carol Martin’s Breathe Series – Meditation #11  If healing happens naturally within us how can we help? Meditation helps with healing because it calms the energies of the Personality (physical, emotional, and lower mental) and at the same time meditation gets us out of the way by placing our consciousness above the diaphragm in … More Meditation is for Healing

Letting Go: the Hardest Thing

  Carol Martin’s Breathe Series – Meditation #8  Letting go can be for many the hardest thing. Why? We identify with our thoughts and feelings and our bodies, so it’s a big deal to fundamentally alter your beliefs about something or someone. Meditation is all about letting go and opening to love, movement, balance and change. … More Letting Go: the Hardest Thing

Meditation: A Loving and Gentle Discipline

  Carol Martin’s Breathe Series – Meditation #7  When we pause to Breathe and Allow our consciousness to rest in the Observer aspect of ourselves we identify with the energetic aspect of us that is more than both our thoughts and our feelings. Meditation thus becomes a loving and gentle way to BE with our … More Meditation: A Loving and Gentle Discipline

Just “Be” with Your Breath

  Carol Martin’s Breathe Series – Meditation # 5  Meditation is an opportunity to just “be”. In meditation, as the Observer, you are beyond your body, your feelings, your thoughts, yet still connected and present to your self. In essence you are also beyond your many unconscious interference patterns. To name one lets pick “being … More Just “Be” with Your Breath

Your Mental Body from the Observer

  Carol Martin’s Breathe Meditation #4  Recap: Your Breath = Your Life. The Observer is a part of you that connects to your Soul or Higher Self energy. The Observer is a neutral, non-judgmental, safe place governed by the Heart Centre. Resting in the Observer allows you protection and clarity and assists you in the … More Your Mental Body from the Observer


  Carol Martin’s Breathe Meditation #3  Understand why ♥ Chakra energy is “prime real estate” energetically. Do you want to create a sacred space where your Soul begins to speak to you? Letting go of expectations can be hard. What about our feelings? This weeks meditation works with the energy of your emotional body.   … More Feelings

The Observer

  Carol Martin’s Breathe Series – Meditation #2  Observing 4 breaths for a period of time is a good fundamental exercise and a way to “learn to meditate”. This week’s meditation will focus more on the Observer within You and your physical body. Energetically the Observer connects directly to the Soul and while your consciousness … More The Observer

Profound Equality

Spirit Fire’s World Service meditation focuses on Earth, and how we – as members of planet Earth – can subjectively through gratitude and awareness and objectively through right choices and actions support a thriving Mother Earth. One way that that is cultivated is through equanimity: through learning that, in truth, all aspects and manifestations of … More Profound Equality

Feel the release

Autumn is the perfect time to explore release. Lungs do it, trees do it, rivers do it. Release is necessary. Lungs release carbon dioxide generated by our body in the exchange of life giving breath. Trees release leaves that generated photosynthesis and food for the tree during the growing season. Rivers release their abundance gathered … More Feel the release

“Train in uninterrupted experience.”

The meditation retreat in Milwaukee that just completed began with the instruction to “train in uninterrupted experience.” It is a quote from Master Padmasambhava. What does that mean? How does one do that? The Practice is one method. The meditation says what that means better than anything I can write. Enjoy your practice.   Downloadable … More “Train in uninterrupted experience.”