This picture was taken on a mild winter day.  The wind was blowing across the pond as rays of sunshine were streaming through the clouds.  It was fascinating to observe that as the sun was melting the ice, the wind was moving the water, causing waves to move in and through the ice.

Sun, wind, water, ice, land – where does one end and the other begin?  All are interconnected frequencies of energy, and it only takes a small variable to change one thing to the next. It is the same with us. Notice how small variables cause seemingly significant changes. A smile, a gentle touch, a kind word can change our mood, can change the trajectory of our day. Change is in the air. Be the positive change, be the ray of sunshine that can change ice into water, and into air. Change can and does happen in any moment, in every moment. Let the moment be now for positive change.


Downloadable Podcast: Change-ability

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