Innate and Always True

The first Generation Stage meditation of this round begins with a short visual presentation. Thus, the meditation is part of this video. That which one generates is innate. It is already present and is born of the always true nature of one’s wholeness.

Generative: Beingness within

The uncommon appearance of most presentations of deity could make one think that the qualities or attributes that these arms or heads or colors represent are also uncommon. But not so. That which is being displayed is a reminder and invocation to those same qualities and abilities within oneself. In other words, the qualities of … More Generative: Beingness within

Master DK’s gift and generation stage

One one of the message DK’s fundamental teachings is the esoteric constitution of a human being. He approaches the subject from multiple angles and levels: microcosmic macrocosmic. As we begin the new generation stage cycle, it seemed wise to relate our meditation practice and it’s focus on Being to the Master DK’s esoteric constitutional model. … More Master DK’s gift and generation stage

Transforming thoughts that bind

I want to re-post this Generative meditation because, silly me, I forgot to include the meditation podcast! It is a keeper. We started here for this Generative meditation. Meditation often brings such point blank understandings. One is then left with the understanding that only I can change my situation. Which leads to … This Generation Stage … More Transforming thoughts that bind

Generating, purifying, changing the world

Generating qualities of Being and virtue elicits change from every aspect of a human being. In this way, every aspect of life is potentially changed. In this meditation session, I speak for several minutes about what is going on with our subtle system when we engage positive change, especially when reinforced with generating qualities of … More Generating, purifying, changing the world

Generative stage: setting the tone of equality-emptiness

The Generative stage of The Practice of Living Awareness started up again with this explanation and meditation. Generative stage meditations are not usually posted because the practice of generating qualities of Being brings transformation to one’s sense of self and self-made reality. Therefore, it is best that one truly understands that before engaging in such … More Generative stage: setting the tone of equality-emptiness