Generative: Being being

may I attain.001Generating qualities of being is to bring forward that which already is inside us. It is to bring forward that which we are. In a respect, it is no different that an infant driven from the inside to walk or to talk, or a person bringing forward that which was learned in a past life such as artistry or leadership.

These expressions of learning to walk or talk or skills and virtue all come from our Being. The baby’s drive to learn to walk is expressing the dynamism of Being. Learning language as a child, a teenager, or an adult is born of Awareness-Being’s oneness, its shared consciousness and interconnected wholeness. Generating qualities of being in a generation stage practice are similar to these examples. We are generating that which is innate, that which is simply more of our fuller nature expressing.

When we bring forward qualities of Being or lean into a generation stage practice through our day, we are stabilizing ourselves in these qualities and a fuller reality of Being.


Downloadable podcast: Generative Being being

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