Generative: Beingness within

presentations of deity.001The uncommon appearance of most presentations of deity could make one think that the qualities or attributes that these arms or heads or colors represent are also uncommon. But not so. That which is being displayed is a reminder and invocation to those same qualities and abilities within oneself. In other words, the qualities of Being are common and accessible within you and I.

To generate deity or qualities of Being is to bring forward the qualities of inner Being through the common circumstances of life, all through the day. The many hands in the images represent the multitude of ways to meet the needs of others. The many heads or eyes represent various levels and layers of knowing and wisdom. Each color represents a specific emphasis such as purity for white, passion for red, immediacy for green, and so forth. The emphasis is instruction to a practitioner to be pure in heart and mind, to be aware of the swift rise of passion and its results, or to engage the immediacy of transformation each moment.

The expanded or higher nature of a human being is as common as the limiting and lower nature of being human. Let us make more common the vibrationally beneficial.


Downloadable podcast: Generative Beingness within

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