Generation: Cosmic Egg Heart: Chenrezig

This Generation Stage meditation works with the universe of the heart and how it generates boundless qualities such as love, compassion, equanimity, and joy. This is represented by four-armed Chenrezig in Tibetan Buddhism. His mantra is one of many reminders to humanity that all is vibration. All existence is “the Word made flesh,” and each … More Generation: Cosmic Egg Heart: Chenrezig

Expanding qualities from within: generation stage

Receiving this meditation signifies that you value meditation and conscious living. Please donate. Spirit Fire is a 501c3 organization. The Generative meditation brings forward: the emanations of the heart expressing as many hands, the ability to stand in compassion and empathy as the source of wisdom the clarity of perception – through the ajna center … More Expanding qualities from within: generation stage

Generating, purifying, changing the world

Generating qualities of Being and virtue elicits change from every aspect of a human being. In this way, every aspect of life is potentially changed. In this meditation session, I speak for several minutes about what is going on with our subtle system when we engage positive change, especially when reinforced with generating qualities of … More Generating, purifying, changing the world

Generative stage: setting the tone of equality-emptiness

The Generative stage of The Practice of Living Awareness started up again with this explanation and meditation. Generative stage meditations are not usually posted because the practice of generating qualities of Being brings transformation to one’s sense of self and self-made reality. Therefore, it is best that one truly understands that before engaging in such … More Generative stage: setting the tone of equality-emptiness