Generative: Remedy (Medicine Buddha)

medicine buddha alignmentThere’s remedies for the ails of one’s body, antidotes for troublesome emotions, and ways to diffuse negative thoughts. Doubts can be addressed, anxiety retrained, and pride dissolved. Medicine Buddha represents each level of dealing with “problems” and also symbolizes that there are “cures” for all forms of disharmony.

In one sense, however, alignment is one of the most all purpose cures that a practitioner can draw upon and employ. A meditative form of alignment clears the mind immediately, quells the emotions, and integrates the body. These results will only last seconds until one has habituated the practice of inner poise and alignment. But seconds of peace and equilibrium are helpful in common daily situations of worry or impatience or anger coming at one or arising within one’s self.

For this generative meditation, we meditate with the power of alignment as an all purpose remedy.


Downloadable: Gen: Remedy

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