Generative: Living Compassion

An elder member of the Spirit Fire community passed on in February. In completing her incarnation, she entered into the peace that she had generated through a life given to activities of compassion. She began her spiritual life as a devout young Catholic, served as a nun for twenty years in a service oriented order, … More Generative: Living Compassion

Generative: All phenomena are insubstantial by nature.

Three components of meditation are active in both Generative Stage practice and in a meditator’s intention to benefit the world. They are: the ability to focus one’s mind in a tranquil and steady acute manner, the quality of energy that one chooses to work with or that is being generated by the meditative act/focus, and … More Generative: All phenomena are insubstantial by nature.

Generative: Emptiness

We train in meditation. Like any other skill, meditation takes time, effort, diligence, and aspiration in order for the potential results of such time, effort, and aspiration  come forward. Eventually, those results do come forward, flawlessly. And, they can because the results were already in the practitioner. One day someone watched a small river roll … More Generative: Emptiness

Generative: Remedy (Medicine Buddha)

There’s remedies for the ails of one’s body, antidotes for troublesome emotions, and ways to diffuse negative thoughts. Doubts can be addressed, anxiety retrained, and pride dissolved. Medicine Buddha represents each level of dealing with “problems” and also symbolizes that there are “cures” for all forms of disharmony. In one sense, however, alignment is one … More Generative: Remedy (Medicine Buddha)

Generative: Bliss and Emptiness

The energy of a person sends out rays, lines of connective radiance. The connection is multi-fold as well as internal and external. The points of connectivity and lines of energy create a matrix, a design that is one’s life. The energy of compassion impels beings to goodness, harmony, and trust. As we live these, we … More Generative: Bliss and Emptiness

Generative: The Heart and Avolokiteshvara

It seems to me that the buddha-being Avolokiteshvara has a particular relation to Earth. Of all the buddhas, Avolokiteshvara has the most forms, and they are revered in a number of countries. Avolokiteshvara can be male or female or androgynous. The same being can manifest as peaceful, wrathful, passionate, or in any number of expressions … More Generative: The Heart and Avolokiteshvara

Generative: All Taras, all Mothers, skakti-rigpa

Generative meditations within The Practice elicit that which is within: all the qualities of our enlightened nature. Anyone is welcome to use the meditations posted as reminders, but those who commit to the Generative Stage level of practice are committing to BE. We are dedicating our daily life to be an expression of the Good, … More Generative: All Taras, all Mothers, skakti-rigpa

Innate and Always True

The first Generation Stage meditation of this round begins with a short visual presentation. Thus, the meditation is part of this video. That which one generates is innate. It is already present and is born of the always true nature of one’s wholeness.

Generative: Chenrezig – boundless and immeasurable

Would you like to experience boundless energy? Then bring forward immeasurable joy. Would you like to receive ceaseless kindness and respect, politeness and courtesy? Then flawlessly offer these to everyone you encounter every day. Would you like to live in a peaceful, just, and beautiful society – or even better – such a world? Then … More Generative: Chenrezig – boundless and immeasurable

Generative: Vajrayogini, gravity, karma, and flight

Aspiration, and the motivation behind it, are one manifestation of Vajrayogini energy. This is so because both are generated from passion; and one level of Vajrayogini, her energy, and her practice is the understanding and right direction of passion. On a mundane level this refers to understanding how one’s passions can birth troublesome situations and … More Generative: Vajrayogini, gravity, karma, and flight

Generative: Recognizing pure Being in others

I was unsure of my way as I drove through lower Ontario recently. An information center appeared before me, and relieved I went in. A young woman behind the counter smiled and gave simple clear directions. As she told me the way to go, she wrote the highway junctures for the 4 hour drive –upside … More Generative: Recognizing pure Being in others

Generative: Medicine Buddha, skillful means and remedies

How many ways are there to remedy a situation? As many as necessary. Just as there “are many roads to Rome,” any number of factors can be addressed in a situation, in each person involved, or in the emotions or beliefs or conditions of a situation. Medicine Buddha represents the wisdom that brings forward just … More Generative: Medicine Buddha, skillful means and remedies

Samantabhadra/dri: Inseparable

Like wetness and water, countless things are inseparable. And, among the many “things” and “states of being” that Samantabhadra and Samantabhadri represent, they-as-ONE represent inseparability itself. What is inseparability? Well, again, consider wetness and water. Consider sunlight and brightness. Consider emotions and the sense of self. These are inseparable. We can speak about or experience … More Samantabhadra/dri: Inseparable

Generative: Kwan Yin – Serenity and Kindness

Kwan Yin abides in unshakeable serenity and ceaselessly emanates and encourages kindness. Her power lies in the knowing that kindness – simple and consistent – will undo all the suffering of the world. Her serenity stems from the same knowing. Time will tell, and kindness will – one day – eradicate the troubles of the … More Generative: Kwan Yin – Serenity and Kindness

Generation: Pure lands from within

Any refined state is a mini pure land. The shift in meditation from one state to another, or when one quality stabilizes and thus refines, can also be regarded as the experience akin to a pure land. In some Buddhist traditions, a specific pure land is the focus of certain sadhanas (contemplations, mantras or prayers, … More Generation: Pure lands from within

Generation: Christ

Some meditations absorb you. This one did from its outset. Because there are so many meanings and profiles to Christ or the Christ, this generation stage meditation opened one to the energy. My mind is erased of words to describe the result because an immediate emptiness was part of the experience. I hope that you … More Generation: Christ

Generative and Intermediate: The Cosmic Quality of Space in You

Three qualities pervade all Awareness, all modes of consciousness, and all manifestation. Those fundamental three qualities permeate, permutate, qualify and condition, or are the condition of all there IS. They are luminosity, vibrancy, and continuity. Luminosity is a word describing the ever-present quality of light. Clarity, transparency, iridescence, brilliance, sharpness, lightness of being, gaiety, humor, … More Generative and Intermediate: The Cosmic Quality of Space in You

Generative: Qualities of Buddhi

No matter what devotional or meditational practice that one might do, if it is refined in caliber it is invoking buddhic qualities of being. Whether Christ, the Divine Mother (in any form), Krishna, Ganesha, Tara, Manjushri, Medicine Buddha, etc., if one is absorbed into the essential qualities of these presentations of the divine, then one … More Generative: Qualities of Buddhi

Mahasattva: generating sublime emptiness

Avolokiteshvara has many forms: male or female, 2, 4, 6, 8, or 1000 arms; one head, 11, or 14; standing, sitting, one knee up regally, or in vajra posture. Avolokiteshvara is Kwan Yin, is Chenrezig, is the Four Immeasurables, is the Six Virtues, and is compassion as the only action. Avolokiteshvara is a mahasattva – … More Mahasattva: generating sublime emptiness

Generative: Samantabhadra

Steadfast and perceptive, you or I will achieve our goals: meditatively, personally, creatively (blue being). Achieving will require skillful and thoughtful activity just as it requires patience and clear-mindedness. Meditation is the same. Tibetan imagery is layered with meaning, but the deeper meanings require that the preliminary understandings be recognized within oneself. Engage Samantabhadra/dri with … More Generative: Samantabhadra

Generative: Dragon Kwan Yin

To understand Kwan Yin fully, one must understand the Dragon she feeds. Dragon is Insight: penetrating, piercing, fearless, uncompromising. Dragon can take flight and, in doing so, lift the aspirant as well as his or her consciousness into the highest spheres. But Dragon has claws and will always land on the ground. This is embodiment: … More Generative: Dragon Kwan Yin

Boundless, immeasurable, limitless

Chenrezig is a form of Avolokiteshvara. This Tibetan form particularly embodies the potential and capacity of the Four Immeasurables to ultimately eradicate the causes of suffering. This Generative meditation asks “what does immeasurable mean?” Can one consider boundless or limitless compassion? Regardless of what deity or quality of Being one is generating through the day, … More Boundless, immeasurable, limitless

Generative: Beingness within

The uncommon appearance of most presentations of deity could make one think that the qualities or attributes that these arms or heads or colors represent are also uncommon. But not so. That which is being displayed is a reminder and invocation to those same qualities and abilities within oneself. In other words, the qualities of … More Generative: Beingness within

Generative: musing on Root Races through Ganesha

What I appreciate about symbolism is its pan-global and possibly pan-historic quality. As I was contemplating this image before meditation, it occurred to me that it is likely that much of this imagery comes to us through various root races, and that we might be able to identify the root race symbolism that has come … More Generative: musing on Root Races through Ganesha

Generative: Waking with Pure Being

You know that you are Pure Being, right? One can ask, “Then why do we struggle? Where is joy?” The simple answer has to do with where we put our focus. Focusing on Pure Being (which we are and everything potentially is displaying), we experience delight, wonder, ease, and lightness of being even when times … More Generative: Waking with Pure Being

Kwan Yin and Venus-Sophia

Many spiritual traditions of the world overlap in their teaching and, thus, have similar imagery. Different names are used according to the language of the culture. Different genders might also be used or different qualities emphasized,yet the Beingness and the inner qualities of Presence being conveyed are basically the same. For example, Venus and Kwan … More Kwan Yin and Venus-Sophia

Green Tara: immediate Awareness

Buddhist imagery is symbolic of various aspects of Awareness, enlightened already present Being. Green Tara represents the swiftness – therefore immediacy – of compassion and wisdom to rise and perfectly meet a need. The need can be as simple as this moment and what Truth of Being is this moment presenting, therefore, what wholeness can … More Green Tara: immediate Awareness

Medicine Buddha

There are several layers of meaning within Buddhist imagery. The image can be engaged devotionally for the Being or Beingness that it represents, such as any other religious icon. Or one might understand that the image represents a factor of Awareness, or a particular Path to Awareness and Enlightenment, thus one would engage the image … More Medicine Buddha

Birthing inner transcendence

Human Beingness is what a person is. The transcendent qualities within are represented in all religious and meditative traditions as deities or angelic presences. Yet these presentations are reminding us of our essential nature. A human being is the qualities depicted and our incarnation is the opportunity to express the transcendence that is innate. The … More Birthing inner transcendence

Master DK’s gift and generation stage

One one of the message DK’s fundamental teachings is the esoteric constitution of a human being. He approaches the subject from multiple angles and levels: microcosmic macrocosmic. As we begin the new generation stage cycle, it seemed wise to relate our meditation practice and it’s focus on Being to the Master DK’s esoteric constitutional model. … More Master DK’s gift and generation stage

Big Bang Mahamudra

Recently, a Facebook esoteric group that I am in posted this conceptualization of the stages of the Universe since the Big Bang. I looked at and saw the correspondent stages of Mahamudra meditative realizations. I posted those thoughts and have copied them here. The reason to give the correspondences on the FB group, or to … More Big Bang Mahamudra

Smooth continuous Awareness: Manjushri

We generate a state of meditation that is of the natural quality of Awareness as it is: smooth, continuous, uninterrupted by thoughts and ascriptions. Abiding as such a state, we experience that Awareness as It is is smooth, is clear, is dynamic and peaceful all at once. After abiding as such, we call forward the … More Smooth continuous Awareness: Manjushri

Transforming thoughts that bind

I want to re-post this Generative meditation because, silly me, I forgot to include the meditation podcast! It is a keeper. We started here for this Generative meditation. Meditation often brings such point blank understandings. One is then left with the understanding that only I can change my situation. Which leads to … This Generation Stage … More Transforming thoughts that bind

Virgin Mary: generating grace

An simple and profound experience has been had through the Generation Stage practice: Sameness. On any given Saturday, we meditate and generate the qualities of a Tibetan Buddhist deity, a Hindu deity, a quality of sublime Beingness, or today Virgin Mary. We see that much of the symbolism is carried through across traditions. Color, clothing, … More Virgin Mary: generating grace


From a person who did this meditation at the live online session: “I had such deep connection, internal worlds of feeling, images…. of flowers around her neck & jewels everywhere, dancing feet, and huge coursing currents of enormous rivers, and yes fire. Then joyous /jangly /chaotic, but not really; sounds of the arati being chanted … More MahaShakti

Buddha, Christ, Shamballa: we are this.

In our generation stage meditation today, let’s use on time for this alignment. We set up straight and align for meditation. We align with the highest presences. Smile aligns us in clarity and bliss, in dynamic presence, and we realize the Ground of Being. We invoke the Christ nature which is the living expression of … More Buddha, Christ, Shamballa: we are this.

Pure Passion and Pure Awareness are one and the same.

The Generative mediation meditated with this seed and then attempted to experience, in some measure, its truth. “Pure Passion and Pure Awareness are one and the same.” This quote comes from the new online course I am teaching on Tibetan imagery. If you do this meditation, please share a comment.   Dowloadable podcast: Passion and … More Pure Passion and Pure Awareness are one and the same.

Energy, Vibration, Truth of Being

There is no density. All is energy in various dimensions of vibration. The slower moving frequencies create a seeming densification, but it is only seeming. Humanity is being called to its ability to perceive and, thereby, undo the seeming and the projected and the fear of the unknown. None of that is real. And, truth … More Energy, Vibration, Truth of Being