Happiness is….

You may remember the song from ‘Charlie Brown’:  “Happiness is two kinds of ice-cream, finding your skate key….”.  So often we strive for the elusive sense happiness, for more, better, bigger because that will make us happy.  Well, we probably know from experience, and research is confirming, that the continual striving for happiness really doesn’t … More Happiness is….

9c: Experience is what matters.

The experience of swimming is much more vibrant than reading about swimming. The taste of a mango is distinct from looking at the picture of a mango. Similarly, the personal experience of observing and recognizing the states and qualities of mind empowers one in a way that no theory or explanation of these qualities can. … More 9c: Experience is what matters.

3a. The flow of it

The flow of the breath is the flow of awareness into life. Learning to consciously breathe provides that the deeper flow of one’s being is present to and through daily circumstances and events. This is key to peace of mind, less anxiety, more patience, as well as a clearer mind, calmer emotions, and an overall … More 3a. The flow of it

Living it!

When we live from the centerdness of meditation inner freedom is ours. Training in meditation “tricks” the practitioner to come into relation with the inner truths and realities which bring one back from the distractions of worldliness and self-orientation. One learns to remain milndlful and real. Meditation calls one inside, and from centeredness one lives … More Living it!

Meditation is like learning to swim.

Everyone can swim. We are internally designed to take to the water and do well when swimming. Those who worry about it are fraught with the challenges in their mind, for example: those who want their body wet but not their hair. Yet those who enter the water and don’t judge the experience, feel soothed, … More Meditation is like learning to swim.