Which one is not like the others?

Do you ever feel different from everyone else?  Have times when you just don’t fit in?  It could be the expression of a different culture, race, mannerisms, style of dress, accent, belief systems, ideology – actually almost anything can contribute to feeling or being treated as separate or different.  Perhaps you want to break away … More Which one is not like the others?

Common Presence

The divine feminine principle is the principle of substantiality: matter. As we hold ourselves accountable for this principle, we hold ourselves responsible for and in the joy of bringing forward the greatest light. Substantiality and matter have one purpose: to express the highest potential, the greatest vibration, the livingness of Awareness itself. We are all … More Common Presence

December Full Moon meditation

To quote the introductory presentation: Sagittarius reminds us that we have lived in many countries, have been the conquered and the violent conqueror, have taken in strangers, helped others, and given sanctuary to those in need. This full moon, let us expand into the heights of Sagittarius by expressing its Earth. The esoteric Earth rulership … More December Full Moon meditation

Meditate for a lighted election!

Can we make a difference for truth and compassion to manifest in our world? The answer is, yes. Meditation moves us toward right thought, non-aggressive action, and the elimination of antagonisms of every kind. This is true for our inner-being and it’s reflection in the world. Together, we make a difference. Join us on November … More Meditate for a lighted election!

Intermediate: Humanity is One and I am one with them.

Having the capacity for calm or open-mindedness or for compromise in order to accomplish a greater goal than one’s individual needs are skills and qualities that serve in a variety of situations. These skills, as well as others that result from meditation training, also serve the collective consciousness of humanity. This week the Intermediate practitioners … More Intermediate: Humanity is One and I am one with them.

Intermediate: The Light of Sacredization

Why does humanity exist? Among the significant reasons is the human capacity to express light. Clarity, ingenuity, integrity, wisdom, and harmonious creativity are expressions of light through creative intelligence. Respect, kindness, care, equanimity, compassion, saving and helping are expressions of light relationally. Lightness of being, humor, the arts, inspiration, aspiration, idealism, optimism, humility, genuineness, patience, … More Intermediate: The Light of Sacredization

Christ/Buddha/Shamballa nature: we are this!

Being human is to embody the Christ Consciousness – the capacity of the heart. Being human is to express buddha nature – the fullness of expansive, enlightened wisdom and perception. Being human is to understand oneself as identical in essence as all existence on Earth. In this way, does on boldly express the Shamballa energy … More Christ/Buddha/Shamballa nature: we are this!

Intermediate: Unanimity and uniqueness

Each person is part of the unanimity of humanity while at the same time is a unique person. The skills and capacities developed by an individual have a macrocosmic purpose: that of blending with the whole of human skills and capacity as a kingdom within the Earth as a whole. Our purpose, then, is not … More Intermediate: Unanimity and uniqueness

Webcast: Engaging the Bodhisattva Heart of Humanity

What if the very purpose of humanity is to bring forward the ingenuity and clarity of compassion in every regard? This webcast introduces that idea as well as three upcoming online course in this regard. 1.The heart and its power experienced through Entanglement Theory and morphic field resonance. in other words, how interconnectedness is quantifiably … More Webcast: Engaging the Bodhisattva Heart of Humanity

Engaging the Heart of Humanity: a free webinar

We are familiar with the idea of common sense, but does it always lead to common good? What is common good and how can humanity engage it in a way that benefits all life on Planet Earth? This presentation defines the Heart of Humanity as the mechanism that is currently re-defining human consciousness and its … More Engaging the Heart of Humanity: a free webinar

What do shamans and Tibetan Buddhists have in common?

Did you know that shamans of North America and Tibetan Buddhist monks practice some rituals that are very similar? Did you know that the Mayan Wheel of Time has much in common with the Kalachakra Wheel of Time? or that the Virgin Birth is a myth shared by spiritual teachings in addition to Christianity? Religion … More What do shamans and Tibetan Buddhists have in common?


How is humanity flawlessly and consistently moved further along the path of human evolution? Starting next Tuesday, Spirit Fire and Donna Mitchell-Moniak will take an in-depth, and out-of-the-box, look at humanity’s path. We will  look into the past as well as contemporarily in order to understand our collective planetary trajectory forward. Four modules within this online series of classes … More THE STAGES OF AWAKENING SERIES

Winter Solstice Meditation and Blessings

The mystery of Light is the celebration every Winter Solstice. Candles, stars, the Sun, and the human heart are reminders that “you are the light of the world.” The deep meaning of the Winter Solstice is of the Soul enwrapped in the swaddling clothes of an incarnational form. We are born into this world to … More Winter Solstice Meditation and Blessings

Inspiration and Motivation

A book recommendation to begin:The Salmon in the Spring, the ecology of Celtic spirituality by Jason Kirkey. Put it on your holiday gifts-to-receive list! A bit about it is said at the beginning of the podcast. This book is congruent with the intentions of the Sunday World Service meditations because the emphasis is on the … More Inspiration and Motivation

September Full Moon presentation and meditation

Astrological currents continue to push humanity to the newness of the New Age. This full moon, with its lunar eclipse and several retrograde planets, continue to hold humanity in the light of change, accountability, reality-check, and the question of wisdom. On a personal level, we, too, are held in these energies which provide clarity and … More September Full Moon presentation and meditation

The Perfect Journey, the perfect play

Choice. The choice to incarnate, the choices in our life, the choice for awareness. Choice is an interesting contemplation, one best engaged throughout one’s day as choices from the most mundane and habitual to the sublime and spontaneous arise, float through, and call us every day. Awareness is a choice. Or maybe, non-awareness is? Either … More The Perfect Journey, the perfect play

Invoking Cosmic Harmony in World Service

Every day is the right day to invoke the celestial forces of Light and Harmony into the Earth and humanity. A full moon cycle amplifies that which is invoked and evoked. As fellow human beings flee from horrible states of war, famine, and hatred, we can invoke the powers of Harmony. We are all beings … More Invoking Cosmic Harmony in World Service

Roots = in this together

Humanity is in trouble. Violence is in common language, common actions, and part of common entertainment. Violence effects millions of people directly through war, poverty, abuse, slavery, and sexual misconduct. Violence is often the first thought or action regarding Nature – to kill bugs, mice, trees – pesticides, fish farms, feed lots, factory farming of … More Roots = in this together

Three chakras, one planetary Life

World Service meditations continue through the break in the rounds. This meditation focuses on the heart, ajna, and crown chakras for their planetary sameness through Life’s expressions. Best to do the meditation for the planet and personal insight, rather than me explaining.   Downloadable podcast: Three chakras, one planetary Life.mp4

July Blue Moon + Retrograde Planets meditation

This is the visual introduction-presentation given before the Full Moon meditation. The podcast of the meditation is at the link provided below. The focus of the meditation is a diverse multi-dimensional alignment. This is due to the variety of forms of alignment occurring during this full moon cycle: 5 planets + Chiron in retrograde, the … More July Blue Moon + Retrograde Planets meditation

A world bettered by human Beingness

Humanity is one. Imagine humanity living from the range of human Beingness. In this meditation, we achieve a refined state and experience the experience of wholeness thus no conflict in this state the feeling of fulfillment and contentment thus no sense of lack or grasping in this state no desire to be distracted because this … More A world bettered by human Beingness

July Full Moon meditation

Using the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter as our guide, the light of the heart is our full moon meditation theme. This blends with the ongoing theme of humanity’s transformation. Now, and in the coming few generations, humanity is remaking itself and re-establishing its relation with the subtle realms, subtle energies, and subtle beings. Heart … More July Full Moon meditation

Creating a flowing field of harmony

This Intermediate meditation begins with a palpable field of harmony. Before words were said, anyone who arrived early waiting for the meditation to begin was absorbed in the meditative field already present. Then as the meditation session began, we basked, like a cat in sunshine. We end up creating a toroidal flow with harmony, the … More Creating a flowing field of harmony

Abiding as Presence positively effects humanity

We sit in long spans of meditational presence knowing that it serves existence not only ourselves. This is the way of now – related, interconnected, vibrantly interdependent as one whole. The whole is human consciousness. This is one shared composite of all that we bring of awareness, sorrow, fear, love, worry, and joy to it. … More Abiding as Presence positively effects humanity

June full moon meditation: webcast/podcast

At one point in Earth’s history, the plant kingdom was new and was the newest form of evolution on Earth. Humanity is that now (and has been for quite some time). We are a new evolution on Earth. Understanding this for all its significance is huge. Human excellence is within each person. This, and this … More June full moon meditation: webcast/podcast

Online course: Vibrational Excellence

Where were you Dec. 21, 2012? We were dancing at Spirit Fire – celebrating the old and trusting the emergence of the new. The new IS emerging but, at essence, it is the Ageless that is coming forward – as wisdom principles and from within humanity. The excellence that is vibrating within each and every … More Online course: Vibrational Excellence

Embodiment of celestial proportions

Great are the shoulders and treatises that the current new age teachers and spiritual mentors stand upon. The ancient mysteries have fostered humanity for ages beyond time. We do well to honor this fact and to understand that the current erudite teachers that guide us by example and method were trained through several previous lives. … More Embodiment of celestial proportions

You are necessary: the birthing of a new humanity

We, who teach meditation, spiritual well-being, or the inner sciences, are all saying the same thing. We are joined by those who are opening the paradigms of science, psychology, the understanding of vibration and morphic fields: we’re all saying the same thing. Humanity is either destroying itself or birthing a new level of awareness and … More You are necessary: the birthing of a new humanity

* Born of Her

We are born of Mother Earth. We are her youngest child. The human kingdom is the youngest kingdom of this planet. All others have existed for hundreds of millions or billions of years longer. That, alone, is worth contemplating. The World Service meditation is creating a particular meditative groove in sacred service to Mother Earth. … More * Born of Her

Meditation is in our deep memory.

Ever wonder how much humanity has spiritually grown? We could look around and say not much at all, but when we look more deeply, the evolution of consciousness presents itself. Humanity is not what it used to be. En masse we are more intelligent, capable of more understanding, and expressing many forms of genius. This … More Meditation is in our deep memory.

Waves of Mind: 2

The ongoing and horrible actions happening anywhere in the world remind us today that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Humanity is its own cancer and humanness is our cure. The word human derives from Sanskrit roots and at essence means spirit-mind. Therefore, even the word human reminds us of our innate and … More Waves of Mind: 2

* Light Bringer

Our world service meditation focused on a human being as a source of light to our planet and all live upon it. “You are the light of the world” is a statement that has been said by multiple world teachers and is in several world scriptures. We generate light in countless ways through the day … More * Light Bringer

The Will of Love

Ignite your heart and you spark resonant heart in another. Illumine your awareness and you becomes part of the growing radiance of human awareness. Align to your crown center to the highest will and Will’s clarity of purpose and intention of Goodness ripple through you and into humanity. It is so because we are one. … More The Will of Love