Common Presence

panagia-theotokos-orthodoxpost-virgin-mary-orthodox-icon-byzantine-painting-ikona-59-orthodoxThe divine feminine principle is the principle of substantiality: matter. As we hold ourselves accountable for this principle, we hold ourselves responsible for and in the joy of bringing forward the greatest light. Substantiality and matter have one purpose: to express the highest potential, the greatest vibration, the livingness of Awareness itself.

We are all pregnant. It is the intention of being human to be a constant point of birth and creation. Relation is birth, kindness is birth, creativity is birth, words are births, thoughts give birth. Every moment already is the mystery of birth, so let us give rise to the best. Let us no longer birth anger or impatience, bigotry or contempt, but like Theotokos, bring forward great Light, common Compassion, Inspiration, and Responsibility.

We are incarnated, made flesh by our intention to be in this world. One’s substantiality is proof of the vibration of one’s Being. Let us vibrate this essential quality of Life and Light into the world, through our relations, through the common moments and events of every day.

The days of Light (solstice, full moon, Hanukkah, and Christmas) remind humanity of its purpose and nature. Like the rhythm of the sea making sand of great boulders, the repetition of Goodness will transform the pain of the world. Humanity’s light, lived as the commonality of each peons’s daily existence, is all that is needed. So, the Christ said, “You are the light of the world,” and so Theotokos holds the eternal child: humanity.

Make your light common! Be the gift the world needs this Christmas. Be the light!

Downloadable podcast: Common Presence

*Please use this and the meditations posted through the Solstice and holiday week  in order to bless the world with goodness and light.  Peace and blessings!

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