Which one is not like the others?


Do you ever feel different from everyone else?  Have times when you just don’t fit in?  It could be the expression of a different culture, race, mannerisms, style of dress, accent, belief systems, ideology – actually almost anything can contribute to feeling or being treated as separate or different.  Perhaps you want to break away from the sameness and be your individual self and follow your own path. Often judgement of self and by others ensues. Indeed, we are often touched by both of these situations.

We can choose to take pride in or feel isolated by seemingly apparent differences, and at the same time, we can embrace the sameness. We all share in the ups and downs and the joys and awkwardness of this adventure of being human.  If we can be aware that it is a shared human experience, we may start to see more of the sameness while we travel our individual path.  Let us each do our own part to improve this shared human experience, to bring forward the best that we can be, individually and collectively.

Downloadable Podcast:  Which one is not like the others?

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