Shared Space

Do you ever feel the need to have your “own space”? It is important and healthy to have time away from everyone and everything to re-lax, re-group, unplug and process life, and to then let go of your thoughts. Ahhh… time alone…. And at the same time, we all share in that space, all space, … More Shared Space

Re-membering Connection

Many speak of the feeling of helplessness when the world seems like a challenging place.  This is exacerbated when we feel a lack of connection, whether that be with friends, family, work, community, nation, world, or even with our inner-self, a dis-connect from our emotions, swirling thoughts or from our soul.  In truth, everything is … More Re-membering Connection

Roots = in this together

Humanity is in trouble. Violence is in common language, common actions, and part of common entertainment. Violence effects millions of people directly through war, poverty, abuse, slavery, and sexual misconduct. Violence is often the first thought or action regarding Nature – to kill bugs, mice, trees – pesticides, fish farms, feed lots, factory farming of … More Roots = in this together