Service: The Labor of Others

helping-others-clip-art_274008The smell of cinnamon from pancakes is in the air. The cinnamon came from somewhere far away and has a long history of the labor of others, yet here it is in pancakes making them tasty. The cotton in the clothes that I am wearing from top to bottom also has had the labor of many involved. Their hard labor and the tragic history of cotton are to be remembered and, with great gratitude, appreciated as I don my panties and jeans.

This weekend is the Labor Day holiday in the US. Today’s meditation takes up the contemplation of

  • the scents in the air that might include the labors of others (coffee brewing, lawns being mowed, petrol smells from cars or trucks),
  • all that is touching our skin right now (clothes, toiletries, jewelry) that all – without exception – has required the labor and great sacrifice of others in order to be produced,
  • the animals such as bees, hens, goats, sheep dogs that also have been involved in producing the nuts, vegetables, and fruits as well as honey, the eggs, chevre or feta that we eat, not to mention the milk from cows that the world drinks.

Be encouraged to educate yourself on the labor required to produce the cup of coffee or tea that is so easy drank. Let us realize that there are long histories of slavery, horrible cruel servitude, and death involved in the production of sugar, cotton, coffee, diamonds, gold, and petroleum. This meditation is not morose, but instead is a celebration of the fact that countless people and beings have been involved in everything that makes for a common person’s day if they are living in the US. Here on this holiday, let us contemplate them and wish them well for the well-being and kindness that they have shown us.

With gratitude and joy, we celebrate Labor Day!


Downloadable: Service: Labor Day

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