Step 8: Asana

  The body is a vessel. It receives. It receives all day and all night. It receives food and water; it receives words and visuals, sounds and ideas. It receives hugs and smiles and sometimes it receives aggression and sadness. Your body receives the news of the day and the soundtrack in you headphones. Your … More Step 8: Asana

Step 7: Interlude

  The beauty of Step 7 is to allow Steps 1 through 6 to find their productive connectedness in the whole of your meditation practice. Interludes work beautifully in that regard; they are integrative. The number 7 itself signifies synthesis, wholeness, and completion. 7 days come together to create a week. 7 colors form the … More Step 7: Interlude

Step 6: Heart-Mind

  All meditation practices bring the idea of relationship to the forefront of awareness. What is our relationship to our thoughts? What is the relationship of our thoughts to our emotions? What is our relationship to the breath? These are all common meditation ponderings. At the center of each and every relationship (and every pondering) … More Step 6: Heart-Mind

Step 1: Smile

  There is much to smile about. This introduction to the first step of The Practice of Living Awareness will make that clear! We discuss it’s placement within the practice, it’s esoteric significance, and the science behind the good vibrations that a smile provides. It’ll get you set up for this week’s meditations. Enjoy!   … More Step 1: Smile