Generative: Kwan Yin – Serenity and Kindness

Kwan Yin abides in unshakeable serenity and ceaselessly emanates and encourages kindness. Her power lies in the knowing that kindness – simple and consistent – will undo all the suffering of the world. Her serenity stems from the same knowing. Time will tell, and kindness will – one day – eradicate the troubles of the … More Generative: Kwan Yin – Serenity and Kindness

Intermediate: Unanimity and uniqueness

Each person is part of the unanimity of humanity while at the same time is a unique person. The skills and capacities developed by an individual have a macrocosmic purpose: that of blending with the whole of human skills and capacity as a kingdom within the Earth as a whole. Our purpose, then, is not … More Intermediate: Unanimity and uniqueness

10b. Your Presence is Necessary

To perceive the light in others as well as in circumstances and events requires standing within in one’s authenticity. Luminous perception results. In that mode of integrity one can ask oneself, “Is this necessary?” Is this thought, this word, this purchase, this activity, this emotion or reaction, this judgement, this patience, this kindness: is this … More 10b. Your Presence is Necessary

Integrity and destiny

The Intermediate group meditation used considerations from a quote from Heraclitus. The three primary qualities of mind-awareness have myriad expressions. They include heinous actions, neurotic thoughts, and painful emotions. The same three qualities can produce sublime and profound actions of compassion, wisdom to last ages, empathy as deep as the ocean, and give meaning to … More Integrity and destiny

Make Love in Every Moment

May you be conceived of immeasurable good karma today because of your lighted thoughts, words, and actions. And may the love that you make today through random acts of kindness, generosity, and creative expression keep birthing through all your time to come. This meditation was originally posted on March 22, 2012, nine months before December … More Make Love in Every Moment

Virgin Mary: generating grace

An simple and profound experience has been had through the Generation Stage practice: Sameness. On any given Saturday, we meditate and generate the qualities of a Tibetan Buddhist deity, a Hindu deity, a quality of sublime Beingness, or today Virgin Mary. We see that much of the symbolism is carried through across traditions. Color, clothing, … More Virgin Mary: generating grace

A planet of kindness?

That’s the intention. Earth is a planet nursery for love in all its forms. Kindness, patience, care, nurturing, and celebrating life demonstrates in all kingdoms. Only human beings willingly choose and act otherwise. Yes, there is predation among species of animals, but the overriding emphasis of life on Earth is giving and care. Hardship is … More A planet of kindness?

Wesak: human nature

The vibration of being human is both a complex set of sub-vibrations and simultaneously a simple recognition of three: the vibration of goodness which is attraction, the vibration of clarity which is wisdom and understanding, and the vibration of purpose which is directive and forward moving. Christ consciousness is a word used to describe the … More Wesak: human nature

One whole Awareness

Heart-mind is not two things and never was. Heart-mind is a range of Awareness. An individual might not have less capacity with one or the other but that simply indicates where growth is possible as well as he type of limitations that the person will experience and live from. Heart awareness is empathic and wholistic … More One whole Awareness

Living from the mind of the heart

Meditation has prompted a variety of research over the last 30 years. The Dalai Lama sparked it – actually requested it – of western science. As a result, whole fields of new western science have been birthed and all of them explore the integrity and integration that the heart brings to human existence. Profoundly, what … More Living from the mind of the heart

* Creating Harmony

Our world service meditations often include the sense of wonder or gratitude. Mental images of the wonders of our planet create pathways of appreciation in our mind. Then, our mind, heart, and breath are shared with all beings on Mother Earth. Mother Earth is One. The interdependence is complete, flawless, and beautiful. We are part … More * Creating Harmony