Intermediate: Unanimity and uniqueness

Each person is part of the unanimity of humanity while at the same time is a unique person. The skills and capacities developed by an individual have a macrocosmic purpose: that of blending with the whole of human skills and capacity as a kingdom within the Earth as a whole. Our purpose, then, is not primarily for ourselves though we delight in our interests and feel good when doing something well. In other words, a person’s purpose is more than personal. It is planetary, and a planetary purpose is a cosmic one.

The pairing of unanimity and uniqueness is a principle that demonstrates abundantly on Earth. Each breath is seemingly the same as the one before or after. Yet, each breath is unique: filled with scents and energy currents as well as the now of any moment. Waves on the ocean are seemingly the same as one another, yet each is factually unique. The same is so of snowflakes, bees, wildebeests, and people. Blades of grass, species of tree, or rivers and streams also have their unanimity, their global in-commonness, yet express unique attributes and qualities.

The uniqueness of a person is called upon every day. Our skills, capacities with responsibilities, and so forth are required of us as family members who have professional duties, as well as to ourselves. Yet, if humanity is going to turn the corner of its global maturing from an adolescent with mood swings that create wars, create refugees, create walls of oppression, and hardship for one another, then each person’s capacity for the brilliance of kindness is needed, and needed fully.

During this Aries full moon cycle, let us rise and liberate humanity by rising to best within ourselves.


Downloadable podcast: Intermediate Fiery Will of Love

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