Awareness. It’s already now.

Luminous Perception is the natural state of the mind and, truth be told, the very nature of everything. When fully realized in a non-dual state of meditation and livingness, this is called mahamudra. Yet, because luminous spacious dynamic awareness is all there is, and always has been, as a practitioner creates the habit of a … More Awareness. It’s already now.

Creative awareness – living the light (step 10d)

We are alive. With a breath, a smile, and a sense of vertical alignment, we can feel the creative presence that we are. Right now – try it. Every moment can be met with the simplicity and openness of bright mind, bright heart, newness – even when doing something that one has done many times. … More Creative awareness – living the light (step 10d)

* Light Bringer

Our world service meditation focused on a human being as a source of light to our planet and all live upon it. “You are the light of the world” is a statement that has been said by multiple world teachers and is in several world scriptures. We generate light in countless ways through the day … More * Light Bringer

Shamatha and Vipassyana

Classical meditation trains us in two forms of meditation: shamatha (sham-a-ta) and vipassyana (vipahs-yanah). The Practice of Living Awareness teaches these within its steps. The distinction in the method of The Practice is simply the inclusion of our senses from the start as well as modern and nature-based examples on which to focus. Shamatha means … More Shamatha and Vipassyana