Awareness. It’s already now.

cosmic awareness 2Luminous Perception is the natural state of the mind and, truth be told, the very nature of everything. When fully realized in a non-dual state of meditation and livingness, this is called mahamudra. Yet, because luminous spacious dynamic awareness is all there is, and always has been, as a practitioner creates the habit of a meditation, then luminous perception is the result. It is the walking, waking knowing and living of life as sparkly, light, and lightness. It is the experience that nothing is only as it seems.

Luminous Perception is the guaranteed result of simply learning to focus the mind and quieten the emotional nature. Not negate or dull the emotional nature, but quietenit. Not beat the mind, but learn to truly focus it in its own light. All of this is easy, as easy as the first 8 steps of The Practice. Luminous Perception, like awareness itself, is here right now, it simply has to be noticed. That’s mahamudra.

The first 8 steps of The Practice are really all anyone needs for meditation. They are the classical components of meditation, such as breath, mind, attention, and asana, but arranged in the way of The Practice. Most of the final steps are focused opportunities to notice and identify how meditation is stabilizing for the practitioner and what meditation is producing in one’s awareness during the sitting, thus potentially in one’s life.

Podcast: Awareness. It’s already now.

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