A pranayama that produces shamatha

This Intermediate meditation focuses on a breathing technique (pranayama) that is very simple. That does not mean that it is easy to do! Breath underlies all meditation practices. Breath also leads to shamatha, or peaceful abiding. This state of ease in concentration, of stability of meditative equipoise and altitude is part of the full body, … More A pranayama that produces shamatha

7b: Breathe from the center. Experience yourself deeply.

Interlude is center. Being the space between in and out, over and under, the space in front of you or in any other direction, interlude is the center of itself. It is the between. When we get centered, we, too, are between. We are between action and the next action, between thoughts or feelings. Instead … More 7b: Breathe from the center. Experience yourself deeply.

Simple Awareness

A meditation practice has one true goal: Awareness. If the practice is bringing forward results, these might be some of them: more clarity in a general sense. We might or might not act upon the clarity, but it arises more easily and frequently. more honesty with oneself. Again, we might choose to stay with habits … More Simple Awareness

Mountain-like Shamatha (peaceful abiding)

This week is Step 7 of The Practice of Living Awareness: Interlude. “Meditation is an experience, not a thought process.” Spirit Fire’s website speaks of this Step well: We pause for step 7 to allow steps 1 through 6 to find their productive connectedness in the whole of our meditation practice.  We begin to experience … More Mountain-like Shamatha (peaceful abiding)

Meditation instruction through imagery: 1

Tibetan thangkas are one form of world mystical art that convey layers of teaching. The image before us is Samantabhadra. It represents two beings or two qualities that ultimately are inseparable. The image of Samantabhadra/dri is simple: a generic unadorned male buddha blue-black in color meditating with a sinewy white female buddha arising. Proportionally she … More Meditation instruction through imagery: 1

Waves of Mind: 3

“Space. The final frontier.” This is true of both meditation and science fiction. Through meditation we learn to create space between thoughts, to not immediately, and therefore without reflection engage emotions. Doing so, we learn that the space of mind is where the insights and creativity are. Space is the final frontier because it opens all … More Waves of Mind: 3