7b: Breathe from the center. Experience yourself deeply.

aumsunInterlude is center. Being the space between in and out, over and under, the space in front of you or in any other direction, interlude is the center of itself. It is the between. When we get centered, we, too, are between. We are between action and the next action, between thoughts or feelings. Instead of being involved in those facets of Being, we are engaged in Being, in center.

This might sound abstract, yet the experience is distinct. Meditation training brings us inside in order that the center of ourself and a moment will be experienced. In order to do so, we must become familiar with the middle, with the center: with the interlude. Doing so brings the experience of centeredness and peace. It brings shamatha, peaceful abiding.


Downloadable podcast: Entry: Breathe from the center. Experience yourself deeply.

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