Simple Awareness

SI ExifA meditation practice has one true goal: Awareness. If the practice is bringing forward results, these might be some of them:

  • more clarity in a general sense. We might or might not act upon the clarity, but it arises more easily and frequently.
  • more honesty with oneself. Again, we might choose to stay with habits and default patterns, but they are recognized more readily, and the rationalizations and excuses are also recognized for what they are.
  • more ease. Letting go, allowing, simply letting be occurs more frequently because we let it. Space, moment, non-involvement or not needing to always be involved is realized as easy to do.
  • lightness. Because of the above trends being lived more frequently, ease, less burdened and bothered is also being experienced. This translates as a lightness of being, possibly humor, gratitude, appreciation, or simply noticing the goodness in one’s life.

Awareness is simple. In fact, it already is present and ready to be noticed, lived, and engaged. What are you noticing from your meditation practice?


Downloadable podcast: Simple awareness


We enter the last two weeks of this round.

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