The Sound of Silence

Life is very busy, sometimes messy, and often noisy. It is important for body, mind, and spirit to have periods of silence. The brain needs quiet to come into coherence with the heart. The mind needs silence to be open to creativity. The intuitive spirit can be accessed when we are quiet, empty and open. … More The Sound of Silence

Quiet Time

Quiet Time – Give yourself the gift of space and time to really settle, let the body relax, the emotions quiet, and the mind become still.  When we temporarily invite ourselves to unplug from family, work, responsibility concerns, and environmental noise, and move into this settled space, the mind is awake and alert and yet quiet … More Quiet Time

Light in the Darkness

It is a curious thing that we often avoid darkness which may be referred to as the void, the unknown, the abyss, the depths…  In this avoidance, we may fill our lives with noise, light, and stimulation or distractions of all sorts.  These can all be good, in and of themselves.  It is also valuable … More Light in the Darkness