1b: Transformative

A smile changes everything, meditation does too. Meditation has the potential to change a person from the inside out – but only if the person desires such change. Truth is that meditation will bring results into one’s life, but only if one cultivates the principles of meditation. And, of course, this would be so. Like … More 1b: Transformative

Make Love in Every Moment

May you be conceived of immeasurable good karma today because of your lighted thoughts, words, and actions. And may the love that you make today through random acts of kindness, generosity, and creative expression keep birthing through all your time to come. This meditation was originally posted on March 22, 2012, nine months before December … More Make Love in Every Moment

Online course: Vibrational Excellence

Where were you Dec. 21, 2012? We were dancing at Spirit Fire – celebrating the old and trusting the emergence of the new. The new IS emerging but, at essence, it is the Ageless that is coming forward – as wisdom principles and from within humanity. The excellence that is vibrating within each and every … More Online course: Vibrational Excellence

Generating, purifying, changing the world

Generating qualities of Being and virtue elicits change from every aspect of a human being. In this way, every aspect of life is potentially changed. In this meditation session, I speak for several minutes about what is going on with our subtle system when we engage positive change, especially when reinforced with generating qualities of … More Generating, purifying, changing the world

* Creating Harmony

Our world service meditations often include the sense of wonder or gratitude. Mental images of the wonders of our planet create pathways of appreciation in our mind. Then, our mind, heart, and breath are shared with all beings on Mother Earth. Mother Earth is One. The interdependence is complete, flawless, and beautiful. We are part … More * Creating Harmony

Appreciation as world service

Just as encouragement was service to us as children, our appreciation for life is a service to the world. Appreciation undoes entitlement, miserliness, and taking anything for granted. This is so for the home that we live it, the beauty around us, the power that makes modern life possible, and the food on our plate. … More Appreciation as world service

Meditation is like learning to swim.

Everyone can swim. We are internally designed to take to the water and do well when swimming. Those who worry about it are fraught with the challenges in their mind, for example: those who want their body wet but not their hair. Yet those who enter the water and don’t judge the experience, feel soothed, … More Meditation is like learning to swim.