3rd, 4th, 5th dimensional awareness


Every step of The Practice uses the techniques of the ancient masters of meditation to bring about embodiment of multi-dimensional awareness. People have the equipment that they do. That subtle, mental, subjective, and sentient equipment has been cultivated and honed over lifetimes as well as through not normally recognized experiences, such as “night school.” “Night school” is an example of multi-dimensional learning and experience.

The Practice builds upon that and brings the subtle senses online through common means such as Smile and Breath, Soften, Open, Receive or Release, or the focus at the Tip of the Nose. The practitioner need not understand the full range of detail within each step, in fact it is preferred that they do not. Then the mind cannot “slay the real.” Instead, the natural buddhic and monadic resonance that sentiency provides anchors through the soul-ar presence and is embodied. Equally, visualization cultivates the full range of triadal resonance even though the person might not be capable of accessing the triadal factors on their own.

Third, fourth, and fifth dimensional experiences are possible through the elongation of time (third to fourth), the expansion of telepathic-empathic rapport into Sameness which undoes the sense of difference through form (fourth to fifth), and the embodiment of Awareness in the moment thus becoming the cause-result law of Presence.

graphic: Omnicentricity by Galactivation on DeviantART

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