Meditation is in our deep memory.

Ever wonder how much humanity has spiritually grown? We could look around and say not much at all, but when we look more deeply, the evolution of consciousness presents itself. Humanity is not what it used to be. En masse we are more intelligent, capable of more understanding, and expressing many forms of genius. This is displayed through a wide variety of learning styles, inventiveness, exploration and curiosity, as well as artistic expression.* We have developed amazing ways to relate and to understand relatedness. We are beginning to understand that our bodies are more than bones and blood, and that they are vibrant mechanisms designed to support us in service to others.

Harmonic Re-integration by David Cody Evans, aka Sageman on DeviantART
Harmonic Re-integration by David Cody Evans, aka Sageman on DeviantART

The Practice of Living Awareness meditation and life practice is born of humanity’s NOW. We are the fruit of our own seed. Every part of humanness has evolved. Every aspect of a person is more sensitive and more easily enlivened than in our past. Additionally, we all bring to our incarnation the training we have lived in the past. This is easily seen in YouTube displays of children with skills far beyond their age.

Meditation brings benefits to anyone who establishes a practice. The number of reasons to do so range from pain, anxiety, or stress management to empathy, to spiritual development. Meditation also serves everyone because we’ve meditated before! Bring your meditation past forward. Join a meditation practice that suits you. The Practice is only one of many available. Be well!

* TED talks are a vibrant display of current genius, inventiveness, and evolution of the human consciousness in action.

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